Anonymous asked:
What program do you use for typography?

Adobe Illustrator CS5. Illustrator is awesome! I’m hoping to update to Creative Cloud soon, when I get a new computer.

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Guess who’s making stickers!!!

San Japan

I’ll be at San Japan this weekend!! Come say hi!! :D

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looking forward to this weekend :)

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Some more paintings from my figure drawing class

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Today’s painting

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I just spent the evening at a swim party with a bunch of 14-year-olds (church volunteer thing), and ohmygosh I feel like such an old fart now D: they have all this new lingo and celeb crushes and idk what they’re even taking about half the time ???

Appearently the term ‘shipping’ is now mainstream though. They were all talking about how they ship each other with their crushes and stuff. They even have pairing names for themselves omg

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Anonymous asked:
I know you haven't drawn fma in a while but I am such a big fan of your art and was hoping you might consider drawing something for lingfan day (which is on July 7th)

Awh thanks! :) OK, I will :3

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yesterday’s paintings

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Anonymous asked:
Hey sweetie! I just love your art and I was wondering how you found your style. I really enjoy drawing but I have basically no unique style to it! Any thoughts/inspiration?

Oh hello! Thank you~ :3

I guess the best answer I can come up with is that I didn’t necessarily “find” my style, it just sort of found me? I remember just a few years ago I was really concerned about coming up with the perfect style for my art, kind of like you described. Basically my style just became a hodgepodge of different things that I liked. I was really really into Fullmetal Alchemist for a while, so I copied that style quite a bit, but I could never get it quite right, which often frustrated me. Then I discovered One Piece, and I took a lot of artistic influences from that. Then I started graphic design school, which affected my style and design choices greatly too. For the past year or so, I haven’t really been into anime very much, which actually has kind of allowed me to break free from the traditional anime style, which I’m glad about. I mean, I still love anime and the anime style, but I want my art to have my own personal style to it as well.

In addition to the things I already mentioned, I also keep LOTS and LOTS inspiration. I use Tumblr (my art inspiration blog is cowgirledward btw), DeviantART, Dribbble, Pinterest, Google Images, and Behance to collect all kinds of inspiration. Having inspiration is great, but if you can’t tell why you like something, then it’s no use. You have to learn to pick out what exactly it is that you like about a particular thing. Art school has really helped me in that sense—learning to critique art. You learn to pick out aspects of a piece and explain why they are or aren’t working. So every time I see something that I like, I ask myself, “why do I like about this?” and then it helps me figure out what I want to try to apply to my own art.

So, in summary, spend lots of time looking at things you like, and experiment! Don’t get so caught up in trying to create a specific style, just make each drawing one step closer to that goal. Eventually you will discover something that you really enjoy and think works for you and you’ll stick with it! And then you might get bored of it, and so then you can change it up a little. Just have fun with it! :)

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My room is clean so I figured I’d take some pictures of my workspace :3

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Painting day 2

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I’m working on an epic vintagey Supernatural print. Super excited about it. I hope to have it finished in time for San Japan! :D

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