Class assignment // My personal design hero

When it comes to my artistic career, one of the most influential people in my life has been my grandmother. My grandmother, a watercolor and oil painter, is one of the only other artists in my family. From a very young age, my grandmother has done everything she could to give me the most opportunities possible as an artist. Each year for my birthday and Christmas I always looked forward to receiving new art supplies from her. She taught me many of the things I know about art and always encourages me to try new things. I am very thankful to have her in my life.

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Class assignment // online portfolio inspiration: Jeff Rogers

While I am not a huge fan of the design or interface of this site, I just love the wide range of projects it features. I feel like I could spend hours just browsing through each of his projects and reading about the process he used for each one. Someday, I would like to accomplish a similar feat with the breadth of work in my portfolio.

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Class assignment // personal identity inspiration: Jacey Braband

I am a big fan of the overall feel of this logo. First of all, I love the approximate symmetry and the way the letters break the bounds of the circle, while still being a stamp-like shape. I also enjoy the smoothed corners and chunky brush strokes of the letterforms, giving it a playful, retro vibe. For several of my personal identity designs I am exploring a similar aesthetic.

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Class assignment // “Why do you want to be a graphic designer?”

I first discovered graphic design in 5th grade from the online game Neopets. Random, I know. It introduced me to basic HTML coding, and I began to design webpages for my characters using graphics I created in MS Paint and later Paint Shop Pro 6, a reeeeally old knock-off Photoshop that no one has ever heard of!

Five or so few years down the road, I began to help my grandparents with graphic design for their wedding and catering business. I designed magazine advertisements, business cards, and even designed and coded by hand their entire website. I couldn’t believe that I was able to design things that would be seen by so many people! Plus, I loved being able to help my family by doing something that I was talented at.

I continued doing a variety of freelance work for local businesses all the way through high school as a part-time job. When it came time to decide what I would study in college, I never second guessed myself that graphic design was what I wanted to do as a career. I have always enjoyed and had a talent for art, and graphic design seemed like the perfect way to put that talent to a practical use. I enjoy all of the problem solving and ideation process that goes along with designing, and being able to create something that I am proud of is so satisfying.

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Class assignment // personal identity inspiration: Joy Recibe

I enjoy the contrast of black/white as well as straight lines/circles. I think this logo is effective because it can easily be reduced down to a small scale, or used as a stamp. Normally I think circle-shaped monograms are a little overdone, but in this case I think it works well because the circular border mimics the well-balanced ball terminals.

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Class assignment // web design inspiration: Hochburg Portfolio Website

The first thing that caught my eye on this portfolio site was the crisp black & white photography paired with the rough paintbrush textured typography. As I scrolled down, I enjoyed the way the black and white background sections broke up the layout of the parallax site. Overall, I think the sharp black and white color palette, especially with the mix of dark and light backgrounds, is very dynamic.

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My classmate made these logos for me for a class assignment! I love them!! :D

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Class project: STR8 Skateboarding

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STR8 logo process

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Anonymous asked:
What program do you use for typography?

Adobe Illustrator CS5. Illustrator is awesome! I’m hoping to update to Creative Cloud soon, when I get a new computer.

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Guess who’s making stickers!!!

San Japan

I’ll be at San Japan this weekend!! Come say hi!! :D

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looking forward to this weekend :)

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Some more paintings from my figure drawing class

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Today’s painting

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